Typography Final: Dead Man's Bones

A final project for Typography for Digital Media. The assignment was without many boundaries, other than focus on type & to choose a band or album to advertise. Experimentation was encouraged. Our prime example was the Radiohead Kid A anti-campaign using their bear logo that was heavily featured on MTV. All assets are my own with the exception of the music. The logo/bug was designed to fit within the style & images already associated with Dead Man's Bones, but to also tie all three of the promos together.

Out of all three promos, this one is my favorite. The background was hand drawn, scanned, and used with the green screen footage I shot.
This Ouija board is something the band had previously used. I animated it with additional layers of texture. Then, the song was edited and layered to fit the tone & length of time allotted.
This particular promo deviated from what I had done with the other two pieces. Instead of a lockup with animation beside it, I cut the little ghost guy in, and altered the type for the band's name. I think it worked a little better with the 'Soul' type, and the change in branding lends itself to the band's established style.
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