His & Hers Baby Shower Invites

A his & hers baby shower. Two invites, distinctly masculine and feminine, while also being complimentary.

A his & hers baby shower. The couple wanted two invites that would be distinctly masculine and feminine, to further solidify they are hosting two different parties on the same date. My biggest concern was not making the Dad-to-Be invite too masculine, causing their guests confusion, since the couple are having a baby girl.
This design was to compliment the Mom-to-Be invite, which has a distinctly more feminine feel but still retro. I wanted to compliment without copying, but initially I also wanted to use the same typefaces. Immediately, I went in search of old album art for inspiration. After looking at Frank Sinatra, I ended up stumbling across a Fats Domino record and landing on a look.
This is the final version I sent to the couple for approval, which they loved!
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