Celebrate Austin

images shot for "Celebrate Austin" - a visitors guide for regional hotels

Celebrate Austin is considered the number one visitors guide for Austin and the Texas Hill Country. It's found in over 32,000 hotel rooms and is a helpful advertising tool for small businesses in the area. Recently, I was tasked with photographing Austin Rocks' exterior for the introduction of the shopping section of the book. 
I was also asked to shoot photos for Wild About Music (pictured), Austin Rocks, and Toy Joy for their advertisements within the shopping section of Celebrate Austin. These will be printed in a square format and need to give the viewer a sense of what merchandise is carried within each store and the general atmosphere. Capturing that within one photograph can sometimes prove challenging, especially given each store's unique layout. 
These were shot with my Nikon D-5100, zoom lens, and tripod. I would have loved to use a neighboring rooftop or at the very least a ladder for the exterior night shot, but was pleased with the final result despite working around pedestrians and traffic. Photoshop was used to make final adjustments.
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