I'm an online editor at Turner Studios in Atlanta. My background is in motion design with additional experience in production. Over the last three years my focus has become color grading. 

I work with independent filmmakers looking to make an impression on the festival circuit and leading cable networks promoting their latest original series. With each project, I refine my previous skill-sets and pick up a few new tricks.

What I am currently looking for, are more opportunities to:
- network
- color correct for films (any length and subject)
-  design (static or motion)

My passions range from editing theory and infographics to best business practices and entrepreneurship. I love reading paperbacks, watching horror movies, and organic gardening. I'm very interested in using my skill sets to benefit causes for equal representation in media, local farming, and alternative death practices. Weird but true! 
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in bartering or are a non-profit in need of pro bono services.

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1. Your impending deadline
2. General idea of work you'd like crafted
3. At least one visual example to corroborate your written idea
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